Andrew C. Colando Jr., Attorney At Law Andrew C. Colando Jr., Attorney At Law Andrew C. Colando Jr., Attorney At Law
Andrew C. Colando Jr., Attorney At Law Andrew C. Colando Jr., Attorney At Law Andrew C. Colando Jr., Attorney At Law
Andrew C. Colando Jr., Attorney At Law Andrew C. Colando Jr., Attorney At Law Andrew C. Colando Jr., Attorney At Law
Andrew C. Colando Jr., Criminal Defense Attorney
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Andrew C. Colando Jr., Attorney At Law Andrew C. Colando Jr., Attorney At Law Andrew C. Colando Jr., Attorney At Law
Andrew C. Colando Jr., Attorney At Law Andrew C. Colando Jr., Attorney At Law Andrew C. Colando Jr., Attorney At Law



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Andrew Colando seated at a desk in a courtroom.Client arrested for DUI and blows a .16 BAL (twice the legal limit of .08). Motion to suppress Field Sobriety Exercises filed on the basis of the exercises were not voluntarily performed. Motion Granted. Field Sobriety Exercises Suppressed. Motion to Suppress Breath Test filed on the basis of no "Reasonable Cause" to Arrest for DUI and request breath test (Florida Statute 316.1932). Motion Granted and Breath test suppressed. No evidence left, and the State Attorney had no choice but to Drop the Charges. Client EXTREMELY HAPPY and has learned a valuable lesson.

Client arrested for Battery/Domestic Violence. Client and his wife got into argument after consuming some Holiday spirit. and a visit to client's in-laws. Motion to modify "No victim contact" granted and client able to return home. Eventually, case dropped by State after some voluntary counseling by client. Family happy again and they learned a lot from this incident. (The initial Court Order of "no victim contact" is standard on all domestic violence cases in Lake County.)

Client arrested on life felony of burglary with a battery in a case of ROAD RAGE on HWY 27 in Clermont. Punishable by up to life in prison. Nice guy, no real priors but in the hot seat with an over zealous prosecutor. Thank God the Judge was in touch with what this case really was. Charge reduced to 3rd degree felony with six months in county jail followed by 1year probation. Tough situation but worked out very reasonable.

Client arrested for DUI by Mount Dora Police. Client sitting behind the wheel of his wife's disabled vehicle on Donnelly St.. Cops com, arrest client and he admits to heavy drinking. He admits driving then later denies it. No independent proof he drove and accident report privilege (car hit curb) protects client regarding his statements. Two motions to suppress evidence are filed and State drops the charges. Great result and a big lesson learned by client.

Client arrested for DUI as he is rushing to the Hospital regarding his grandson's emergency. Client has just left work and is stopped by cop for speeding. Refused breath test after he performed very well on Field Sobriety Exercises. Case totally dropped after meeting with prosecutor and review of video. Actually, client's deodorant did smell a bit like alcohol.

Client going wrong way on one way street in Eustis (Bay Street). Stopped by cop who was sitting in a parking lot. Admits to drinking, does field sobriety exercises, refuses breath test. At police station she really gives the police a piece of her mind. Motion to suppress field sobriety exercises filed and state agrees FSE were involuntary due to coercion. DUI reduced to wet reckless with no D/L suspension. Case closed and client very happy.

Client arrested for DUI, blows a .125 and .134and admits he is impaired. Breath test result affidavit is not properly notarized and the court grants my motion to suppress breath results. Additionally, arresting officer retires and moves to North Carolina. Wheel witnesses live in Pennsylvania. Because evidence is suppressed and cost to return witnesses to Florida for trial, charge is reduced to Reckless Driving. No DUI conviction, no license suspension, no probation. Very happy client!

Client is stopped for speeding 30 plus over the limit. Cop smell alcohol and conducts DUI investigation. Client arrested and blows .162 and .148. Two motions to suppress latter (i.e. no founded suspicion for DUI investigation and involuntary breath test) the charge is reduced to a wet reckless with no D/L suspension. Great technicality and hopefully client has learned his lesson.

Client charged with Driving While License Suspended. It was 3rd offense within five years. Facing Habitual Offender Suspension (five years). Got the client's DL reinstated prior to court date. I am able to convince Prosecutor to amend charge to No Valid D/L and pay fine and court costs. Habitual Suspension avoided with amended charge. No jail and client is now clear with a valid D/L.

Client arrested for Burglary, Grand Theft, and Dealing in Stolen Property. Cops claim that client along with another person Burglarized K-Mart and stole over $100,000.00 worth of jewelry (is that possible from K-Mart?). Additionally, they are charged with trying to pawn the jewelry after the theft. Prosecutor is fair about it and drops the Burglary and Grand theft with a plea to Dealing in Stolen Property. Adjudication is Withheld and client gets house arrest. If all goes well, client's case can be sealed when house arrest is completed.

Client arrested for five vehicle burglaries. Prosecutor agrees to Pretrial Intervention (PTI). Client violates PTI with new shoplifting charge. I was able to get client back in PTI. This time almost completes PTI but violates with positive urine test for cannabis. Back to court and he is now on two years probation with a W/H adjudication and early termination after one year. Hopefully he will make it this time otherwise he will end up a convicted felon and do jail time (i.e. the Judge can only cut you so many breaks). The client in now 23 years old and finally learning how to get it right with no more illegal conduct.

DUI driver blows .009 and gave urine sample. Virtually no alcohol with a .009 but waiting on urine results. Speedy trial period is running and finally urine comes back with cocaine and met. I file a motion for expiration of speed trial after 90 days has run. Prosecutor unable to amend charge to include drugs and all charges are dropped! Great result for client. Also there was no administrative suspension either because full compliance with implied consent law. (breath under .08 and urine provided as requested)

Client arrested for Leaving the Scene of an Accident with Injuries. Basically, a person on a bike runs into the side of my client's care. Client stops and makes sure bike rider is O.K. then leaves and goes home. Police arrive on scene and bike rider claims he is injured. Client is arrested a short time later when client calls police department to report accident. Fortunately the Prosecutor agrees with our position that client never intended to avoid the Law or the Police. Charge was dropped.

Client arrested for Battery Domestic Violence. His wife was the alleged victim. Has no priors at all but was taking medication for one day for an illness he had caught. Medication affected his actions per the medication warnings on drug. Motion to modify the "No Victim Contact" order of his release is granted to permit him to go home and ultimately the charges were dropped after completing 8 hours of anger management.

Client arrested for DUI found asleep in vehicle stopped at red light in Eustis. Cops arrive, awake driver, smell alcohol, slurred speech, etc. DUI investigation ensues with driver admitting to 10 beers. Arrested and refuses breath test. Video was actually pretty good for driver. Case set for trial. Prosecutor offers wet reckless with no D/L suspension and no DUI on record. Client accepts reduced charge. Great result for client!

DUI case where client on motorcycle gracefully falls over at a red traffic light in Howey in the Hills. Citizen calls cops, when cops arrive client not on bike but has smell of alcohol, unsteady on feet, admits he had a little too much to drink. Client arrested and blows twice the legal limit. I file a motion to suppress based upon no accident and resulting no right to arrest client without cop seeing client driving. Prosecutor agrees and all charges DROPPED!

Client working as a volunteer at local theatre needs a little bit of money for his girlfriends birthday. Uses bad judgment and takes money from money box after hours on his days off. Charge: 4 counts of Burglary and 4 counts of Petite Theft. Client very remorseful and embarrassed. Got Pretrial Diversion Program. (PTI). Once PTI is completed the charges will be dropped and record will be expunged.

Client on probation for a wet reckless. Violates probation for not completing DUI school and doing his 25 hours of Community Service. NO BOND warrant issued. Client arrested at his home on warrant on Sunday. I am hired on Monday and get client released on Wednesday R.O.R. (nobody really likes jail!)

Client pleads guilty with Public Defender at first appearance to 3rd DUI. Gets out of jail next day and realizes she should see a lawyer. Her Dad (former client) refers her to me. First I file motion to vacate plea from first appearance. After two hearings, motion is granted and case set for plea negotiations and eventually trial. Case reduced to reckless driving after extensive negotiations with prosecutor. No D/L suspension and no additional DUI on her record. Client very happy!

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